• Zap Cloth Cleans Anything Without Streaks!
  • Polishes as it Cleans!
  • Tough on Dirt; Gentle on Surface!
  • “Wet it, Wring it, Wipe any Surface”

  • Streak Free, Spot Free, and Lint Free
  • Absolutely, Positively, Never – Streaks Glass, Mirrors or Windows!
  • Never Use Window Cleaner Again!

The Zap Cloth is the ultimate window cleaner. It cleans with just water. It uses absolutely no chemicals and leaves no lint or streaks behind. This is due to the revolutionary, patented technology which produces the Zezo-Fiber material. All your glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless, chrome… anything non-porous will come out dust free and shiny clean with the Zap Cloth and water alone!
The Zap Cloth is environmentally friendly. Because it is made of a durable fabric, the cloth can be washed and reused, hence, reducing waste in the environment; stop wasting money on paper towels. Buy your Zap Cloth today to zap streaks in an environmentally friendly way. Simple to Use Wet the Zap Cloth, wring it out, and you’re ready to wipe – this advanced generation of microfiber cloth polishes as it cleans with just water! The Zap Cloth saves you time (no need to dry the surface) and money (no more paper towels and no more chemicals) and is environmentally friendly (just wash and reuse). Use it at home or at the office. Use it for your car, RV, motorcycle, boat or airplane. Use it for normal household cleaning jobs or for demanding industrial jobs. When using on sensitive surfaces, care should be taken not to get debris or contaminants that might scratch the surface between the cloth and the surface being cleaned.

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